Friday, September 28, 2012

a fall evening

It's 9:00 o'clock after a beautiful fall evening.  I made chili for supper and then went out to my parents house to take my dog for a run.  The crisp air, orange sky, smell of the farmer cutting corn, and my gorgeous golden retriever prancing beside me was heavenly.  (We won't talk about the heaving breaths, sweat, or jiggles.)  When I got back to the house, I did my stretches and then just laid on the pavement staring at the dusky sky.  There was only one star visible in the whole sky and it was right about my head where I was laying. It was like God put it there just for me.  Just to remind He's here and He loves me and He's got everything about my life.  Everything.  Even to the little detail of shining a star above my head.

 Gorgeous sunset over the bay in the Outer Banks, NC

I'm sitting here back at my place, hot cup of cider, fuzzy blanket, vanilla candle, and my new super comfy hoodie from my recent trip to the east coast.  My pillow is calling my name so this will be very brief.  It's about time to pull up the covers and turn on a movie.  But my baby sister told me she's been checking my blog every single day to see if I've posted so I decided I better write something. ::smile::

A friend shared with me from Psalm 91 yesterday.  She was commenting on how it's a daily choice to abide under the shadow of our Almighty God.  It really challenged and convicted me.  I fail miserably at resting under His shadow and protection. I worry, I get angry, I grow cold.  I know I'm human and I'll never be perfect (thank God for His grace!) but I do so want to rest under His shadow each hour of each day.  

Soon I will post a vacation update with a ton of pictures. Soon!  God is so incredibly good and that week on the ocean was the highlight of my year. Praise Him!

Happy sleepy Friday night!