I am a daughter of Jesus, daily amazed by His incredible unfailing love and grace.

I am a doula who is passionate about helping mamas & daddies & babies. Birth is an incredible thing.

I've worked as caterer, script supervisor, and grip amongst many other positions on some independent Christian films.  I am in love with film shoots.  Hard work, sweat, tears, and all.

I love chocolate, painted toenails, my Macbook Pro, dancing in the rain, high heels, & coffee shops.  I also love working/playing really hard and gettin dirty.

I love to bake.  And everyone I know loves that I love it.  I love food all around. Everything about it.

I have a deep burden for the poor, needy, hurting, and outcasts of our world.

I'm transparent.  Almost to a fault.  Life is too short to be less than real.

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