Monday, April 29, 2013

Being Thankful

It's been two weeks since I've written. Every time that much time goes by between my writing sessions, I become more convinced that I probably should never be a writer as a full-time job. If I don't have inspiration, I don't write.

Tonight I don't have much inspiration. But I really miss writing. So we shall see where this post goes.

I'm sitting here on the back deck of my parents' home, my golden retriever laying beside me, my baby sister chatting my ear off, and my MacBook on my lap.

The breeze is getting cooler after a delightfully warm spring day.

Slippers are keeping my feet warm and my favorite hoodie is providing its usual comfiness. 

Sandhill cranes are calling to each other.

Many other birds are chirping and singing.

The trees are blossoming and the grass is bright green.

My nutritional shake is on the table and I'm reminded how thankful I am for these new products that have been introduced to me in the past few weeks. 

(And if you want to hear about them and the great weight, health, energy, and performance benefits, please contact me.)

Each day and each week is filled with its own challenges and yet there is so much for which to be thankful.

When overwhelmed with sadness over my grandfather's mental decline and the tremendous burden that is to my grandma and my dad especially, I'm reminded to be thankful for the example of faithfulness in marriage that my grandparents are to me. I hope I never forget my grandma saying through her tears, that when she vowed "for better for worse, in sickness and in health", she meant every word. 

When filled with fear at the thought that Dad could have another heart attack at anytime, I'm reminded to give thanks that God spared his life during his first one three weeks ago.

When concerned about finances, I'm reminded that God has always provided for every need, no matter how big the bill or expense.

When deeply concerned about struggling family relationships, I'm reminded to be thankful for the Christian family in which I grew up, a family free of divorce, and filled with God's Word.

When discontent with my current living arrangements, I'm reminded to be thankful for a safe home to live in right now and for some time living in the gorgeous countryside. 

I read Philippians two yesterday while I was laying on a blanket soaking up the sunshine. The whole  chapter is convicting, but verse twelve jumped off the page.

"Do all thing without complaining and disputing."



One of the biggest secrets I've discovered to not complaining, is being thankful.

If I'm noticing all the things I have for which to be thankful, filling my mind and heart with praise and gratitude, there isn't as much space for negative attitudes and thoughts.

My view while I typed.
(A friend pointed out that better music selection would help with my writing. I happened 
to snap the pic when that's what was on my screen for the brief bit that I was listening to that song. :P)

It's now almost 9:00pm. I took a break from writing and went for a walk/run with my baby sister and pooch. Such a gorgeous evening to work out outside!

Tomorrow is another long work day so I must sign off. 

Thank You, God, for all Your kindness to me.

Here's to a complaint-free tomorrow!

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