Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hurt People

Tonight something hit me that I never thought of before.

I've heard the saying "hurt people hurt people" countless times in my life and I always thought of it in context of those who have been deeply, deeply hurt (abuse, etc.) over the course of many years and now live in a constant state of hurt and bitterness (thus hurting those around them).

This evening I suddenly thought of it differently, after a minor incident in which I was hurt by someone. It was enough to make me upset and I found myself snapping at two of my sisters when they tried to talk with me.

And then I was like, darn. it.

I was hurt by someone and now I'm hurting those I love!


It hit me like a brick. Hurt people really do hurt people. Whether it's "little" instances/hurts or big ones. It doesn't matter.

I quickly changed my attitude and apologized. I absolutely do not want to develop a pattern of hurting people when I am hurting.

Thank God, Who is the Healer of all hurts.

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