Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Messy, the Mundane, and the Miraculous

If I had to choose three words to describe the past couple months, it'd be these three: messy, mundane, and miraculous. Once I think about it though, that doesn't just describe the past couple months; that sort of describes all of life.

We're all put on this earth and we live this thing called life and it involves a lot of sweat, tears, pain, sickness, hurt, brokenness, suffering and the list could be endless of the messiness of it all. 

It involves a lot of dishes, work, laundry, lawn mowing, grocery shopping, vacuuming, eating, sleeping, and the list could be endless of the daily and weekly mundaneness of it all.

But it also involves so much beauty, so many daily miracles. Each morning when we wake up alive and breathing and with a heartbeat, it's a miracle (even though it doesn't always feel that way... yawn). 

The sunset and the white clouds and the blue skies and the birds flying south and the leaves turning bright red and water rippling down the river and the loon that pops up a few yards from the canoe?



The hugs and drooly kisses of a ten month old hunk of a little guy, the hug from a friend, the consistent prayers from church family, the crunch of leaves in the fall air while walking the pooch,  the drinks and laughs with fellow life travelers?

These are incredible gifts.

The stepping out of our comfort zone, out of the mundane normal, the trusting God to work in and through us and beyond our abilities and fears?




Jesus Himself lived a messy, mundane, and miraculous life. He faced hurt in relationships, lost loved ones, persecution, hurt, rejection. He had to eat, sleep, listen to His parents, find clean clothes to wear.  And He is also the most miraculous Person to ever grace the face of this earth. He brought beauty and healing and salvation to a lost and dying world. 

So when the messy seems out of control and when the mundane seems suffocating, may we focus on and praise God for the miraculous amidst it all. 

Because it's there every moment of every day.


  1. Great post! Very true. And I'm still jealous of your little trip through the UP!;P

  2. Amen!! So very true. When your life slows down, you should consider writing. :D thank you for the encouragement! Love you!