Friday, July 1, 2011

Summertime (and wintertime and springtime and falltime)

Seeing as it's July first, I think it appropriate to write about summertime.  And seeing as there is a heat advisory (in Wisconsin, mind you) and it's supposed to reach close to one hundred degrees (in Wisconsin, mind you), I think it really, for sure, no doubts about it, is summer.  Parts of June had me wondering if it was winter, spring, or summer but now that it's July I think the temperature made up it's mind to be really, for sure, no doubts about it, one hundred percent summer.

Each season of the year holds a special place in my heart.  I love them all.  Winter.  Spring.  Summer.  Fall.  Winter.  (I live in Wisconsin.  I really think our state has five seasons.  Yes, that means winter twice.)

In the winter there's... 

...sparkling snow 
(okay, so it's not sparkling in this particular picture but it's gorgeous and from last year's Christmas tree cutting)

...snowball fights cocoa
(and hoodies and Macbook Pros)

...and lots of family time at Christmas

In the spring there's...    

...blossoms animals 

...and singing birds   
(Just disregard the fact that this particular bird looks more mad than sing-songy.)

And in the fall there are... 

(without mosquitoes...this is a huge detail)

...gorgeous tree colors

...pumpkin bars

...leaf piles

...and cool hikes through the woods

But then there's summer.    

...walks along the beach

...canoeing on lazy Sunday afternoons

(Okay, so this is a hot tub and we're not swimming.  But I happen to love this pic so there.) soccer games 
(and kickball and frisbee and baseball and hillbilly golf and...)

...fireworks on the 4th of July

...Brewers' games

          ...grill outs with juicy burgers or tangy chicken
          ...fireflies lighting up each evening
          ...watermelons everywhere
          ...hours to lay by the sun and read
          ...good hard work outside
 cutting hay (which means I get to smell it!)
          ...flips flops and bare feet (no socks or shoes!!!)
          ...funky painted toenails
          ...corn on the cob
 trips to the lake for tubing and skiing with friends
 get the idea.

After over two decades on this earth, experiencing all four seasons each year of those decades, I think I have come to the conclusion that summer is my favorite time of year.  (Minus the humidity and ninety or a hundred degree days.  But we won't dwell on that.)  I may change my mind at some point.  I really thought I loved all season equally. (Okay, winter was at the bottom of the list. I hate driving on snow and ice.)  And I think fall comes in at a very close second.  I love pulling on a hoodie and sitting by a bonfire without being eaten by mosquitoes.  I love love LOVE the autumn colors of the trees.  And in the winter I do love curling up by the fire, sipping warm drinks, movie nights listening to the blizzard outside, the beauty after a snowfall, and baking cookies to warm up the kitchen.  I love the yard work, first birds chirping, blossoms everywhere, and the feeling of having a fresh start in spring.  But overall, I think summer has them all beat by just a little bit in my heart and soul. 

All this to say (again) that the little things in life are my favorite.  It is in these "small" things that I find God revealing Himself to me.  Living in a state that actually has all four seasons is bliss.  The fact that God created all four seasons for our enjoyment and His glory is something I praise Him for and celebrate.  And I suppose the fact that I celebrate them is rather obvious as this post is rather longish.  (Sorry.)

Happy summertime.  Stay cool.  Enjoy the 4th.  Eat lots of food.  Play hard.  Be chipper.

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  1. I loved that bit about the five seasons- it's really true! we get them all, but double winters too ;D

    Loved this and all the pictures!