Friday, June 24, 2011


My family and I had an amazingly FUN and relaxing time in the upper peninsula of Michigan last week.  My mom's whole side of the family was up there and we all just hung out in the nicest cabins around at the nicest resort around (thanks Grandma!).  Our week was filled with tons of laughter, food (!!), soccer and basketball games (even the "old" people played!), swimming, soaking in the hot tub, playing cards, fishing, kayaking, playing with the kiddos, talking up a storm, harassing each other to no end (wouldn't be a Van Gent gathering without it!), and just being family.  The time was beyond precious and I am so grateful for it.  We lived in a little bubble of heaven.  Thank you, Jesus.

Bubby!  My fav little guy!


All the adult cousins went to Mackinac Island for a day.  Way fun!
The lake was so blue!

Trying on funky hats in one of the shops! 

And we got Starbucks...cuz you can't get it just anywhere! ha! 
(We also got Mackinac fudge and Mackinac hoodies, just for the record.)







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