Sunday, June 5, 2011

black spiders

I am beginning to think I should have a page dedicated to black spiders.  They seem to have dedicated their lives to haunting me in and around my bed until I kill them one by one.  Today I have killed seven.  Right directly by my bed.  All BEFORE they crawled into my bed, crawled all over me, and woke me up with a bang (or a tickle as the case may be).  Who needs an alarm clock when one has black spiders?  Now I can handle spiders.  As long as they're NOT in my bed and as long as they're NOT too huge and fat.  I'm not the kind of girl who screams when she sees one on the ceiling, in the corner, or by the washing machine. I am the kind of girl who gets a bit ticked when they're in my bed.  

One of my guy friends has been calling me Spidergirl for years.  Maybe word finally got to the spiders that I'm Spidergirl.  Maybe that was his evil plot all along.   Maybe he's the one who gave them my address.  Heaven help me if that's the case and this is just the beginning.  Maybe I should say heaven help him.  He should be glad he lives in a different state.

The purpose of this post?  I have no idea.  It has even less of a point than my randomness post a few months ago.  If anyone wants some black spiders, just drop me a note.  I'll be nice and give them to you for FREE.  I'm generous like that.

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