Tuesday, March 8, 2011

always give thanks

I am typing this from my comfy bed in which I have spent a lot of time the past thirty-six hours, thanks to an awful, sudden head cold.  It's been a miserable set of hours (my Crohn's disease is flaring up too) but it's given me more opportunity to look for the daily gifts.  They aren't hard to find...the hard part is focusing on them (instead of on my state of misery).  God is really teaching me to give thanks in and for everything...to always, always, always, always give thanks and praise to Him.  Below are some more of the gifts He's been showing His love for me through...I'm jumping a bit out of order so that I can include the gifts of sickyness with this particular post.  (I'll catch up on the ones between ninety-three and one hundred fifty-one later.)

151. a head cold that hit on a day I already have off work
152. a family who loves and cares for me when I'm sick
153. a very hardworking family...who hauled wood ALL day (two days in a row!)
154. chocolate chip cookie & milk...baked by Mom and delivered by Susanna
155. a straw to sip my milk with :) (thanks Susie Girl!)
156. a recliner to get a little sleep in at 4am after hours of restless tossing & turning in bed w/head cold
157. colloidal silver, viral immune stimulator, vitamin C, elderberry, water, & Reliv
158. a new box of Kleenex to supply my huge need for snot wipes
159. two beautiful cards from two beautiful friends to brighten my sick day
160. a mom who loves and serves tirelessly
161. lotion & lip balm for chapped nose & lips
162. opportunities to praise Him in the storms

Hope you all are healthy and well!!  I'm SO grateful this is the first cold I've gotten all winter...God is good!!!

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