Sunday, March 27, 2011

twizzlers and answered prayer

I am sitting here munching on twizzlers.  Strawberry twists to be exact.  They are a weakness of mine.  Discovering Wal Mart sells a bag of them for only a $1.50 was a good thing and not a good thing. :)  Sugar is not good for my Crohn's...but it is good for making me smile (as long as I don't get sick!).  Right now I'm grateful for them.

A much bigger thing on my mind, is the answered prayers regarding a couple situations with my job.  God's graciousness amazes me.  I've been focusing so much on the "little" gifts He sends each day that I think I may have (unconsciously) lost sight of the fact that He gives big gifts and answers big prayers too.  Often His answers to my "big" prayers are wait (and wait and wait and wait and wait).  Once in awhile it's a blessing to my heart and a booster to my faith when He answers a big one quickly...because honestly, I just don't expect that.  Should I?  I don't know.

It has been forever since I posted.  That means I've been busy, sick, and very busy thinking about other things.  I will post some random things from my daily list of gifts soonly.  In the mean time, remember God always answers prayer.  Sometimes with a quick yes, sometimes with a wait (and possibly wait and wait and wait and wait) and other times with a no.  But no matter what, His answers are ALWAYS best even when we don't understand them.  I am clinging to that as I enter another week of challenges and pain.  He's so good!

P.S.  Life is fun!!!  Doesn't matter how awful it gets, we can choose to have fun!!  So thankful for some awesomely fun family time today laughing our heads off.  God is good! (Have I mentioned that before?!)

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