Tuesday, March 1, 2011


A few random facts for today....

huge, black, devilish spiders just know when it's me in the bathroom (apparently I'm the most fun to scare)

for the price of one concrete mixer from Culvers my siblings and I got twelve donuts and six ice cream cones (w/chocolate and nuts and caramel centers!) from Aldi (frugal celebration of lil bro's basketball win at it's finest!)

I refuse to believe it's March because two months of 2011 cannot possibly have gone by yet

I'm thrilled it's March because that means SPRING will be here soon

my heart is aching for hurting loved ones

I completely forgot to do my laundry last night...this is a big deal in a big family where laundry is done on a schedule...if you miss your time slot, you better hope you have more than seven days worth of undies (and in case you're wondering/concerned, yes I do have more than seven days worth)

I'm wearing pink socks with white polka dots (funky socks make me happy)

Jesus is more amazing than I can begin to fathom!!


  1. Naomi! Blogging is so much fun, I'm glad you 'joined the ranks'. I'm following you under my pen name - fyi - Hugs, Tyra

  2. Tyra! Thanks for the comment (and for clarifying who you are! LOL) I'm excited to have "joined the ranks." :)