Thursday, December 29, 2011

From the hospital room at midnight...

I've been planning to write a blog post all week. It was going to be filled with Christmas joys & family funness. I was going to upload pictures and share recipes.

But, here I am, sitting in a hospital bed, with an IV in my hand and a band on my wrist and a red spot from where blood was drawn.  I have a HUGE stuffed teddy bear sitting next to me, thanks to one of my best friends.  On my meal tray there's a plaque that has Philippians 4:13 on it from my amazing sister-in-love.  And I have my beloved Macbook Pro to play music on and write and browse and facebook.

The reason I'm here is due to Crohn's complications.  Dehydration, rapid heart rate, anemia, etc. I won't bore you all with details.  I went to see my doctor this afternoon and within a minute or two of entering the room he told me I was headed to the hospital.  Not the funnest moment of my year.

I'm trying not to worry too much.  Trying to trust God.  Trying to stay calm to avoid yet another panic attack. Praying my doula client who is due any day doesn't go into labor until I'm better.  She also happens to be my best friend and I desperately do NOT want to miss the birth.

So happy Thursday morning at midnight from my little hospital room.  My huge "Barney" bear says hello.


  1. I'm SO sorry dear! I'd be interested in all the little details you didn't want to bore us with. I'll be praying for you...please keep us posted! Love you!

  2. Naomi, the tiny details are not a bore. SHARE them if you feel up to it! We all love you and definately!!! do NOT find you boring. I'm glad you have a hugemongous bear to keep you company. If nothing else, tell me all about your macbook pro!
    Love n' hugs ~Tyra

  3. Tyra & Meagen, thank you SO much. I just posted a long post giving more details. Tyra, I left the fun & gross ones out...since I figured you may be the ONLY one to appreciate them! lol It'll be a long time before I forget our "poop phone call" ;) Love and hugs to you both!