Monday, March 4, 2013

Musings on March Monday Madness

I was sitting in the chair at the endodontists' office today. The office is on the third floor of a this big bank building and has big windows. From my chair I could look over busy streets and parking lots.

(The reason for being there is a whole (years) long ordeal and very, very frustrating but that's another story.) 

As I watched the traffic flow down the streets, through the round-abouts, and across the parking lots, I just felt so small.

This Monday was just horrible (and I'm not really that pessimistic about Mondays). A brother admitted into the hospital, I'm dealing with a lot of pain and infection and Crohn's crap, very disappointing news about my tooth problem, discouraging work day at one of my jobs.

I've been an emotional mess since yesterday so that didn't help anything.

And as I watched life go on, so many people coming and going, and each one with their own story, their own struggles, their own pain, their own losses, I just felt so small and insignificant.

I can't even say why exactly it hit me like that. But it was weird and depressing.

Bible study last night was about how precious we are to God. We are His children. We are special. We matter to Him. We are not insignificant.

Life can be depressing. It can seem hopeless. It can seem pointless.

It can be so. darn. draining.

But with Jesus there is purpose. There is life. There is peace. There is joy. There is contentment. There is strength in our weakness.

And that is Who I put my hope in. Especially on the harder days.

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