Friday, March 1, 2013

Early Morning Musings

Sunrise over the ocean in the Outer Banks on our vacation last fall.

When I saw Crystal at Money Saving Mom post about the 30-Day Early to Rise Challenge, I thought I should maybe be a part of it. I officially decided before bed last night to do it.

If you know me, you know mornings and getting out of bed are not my favorite things in the world. So last night before I fell asleep (and when I would wake up during the night) I was specifically asking God to get me out of bed at 6:30.

Well, He had me up before 5:30. *smile* 

I'm excited to see how this month long challenge changes my daily life. It's going to be a "prayed-through" month. This whole early rising thing does not come naturally to me.

When I looked in the mirror at 5:25, I think I woke up a whole lot more. Shocking, folks. Shocking.

Hair standing everywhere. Yesterdays mascara smeared. Droopy eyes.

Super sexy, y'all.

I did do a lot of tossing and turning last night. I don't normally wake up looking quite that bad. Maybe it was part of God's plan to wake me up quickly. *wink*

Here's to the next twenty-nine mornings! May they be productive, peaceful, challenging, and life-changing.

And a little less scary looking when I see my reflection in the mirror.


  1. Wow Naomi!! You are awesome! Keep me up on how it's going. :) I'd do it with you but I'm still so sick with my ongoing sinus infection that it might not be the best for me right now. :)

  2. This cracked me up!:b Way to go, Naomi!! Praying for & excited to hear how it's going!