Wednesday, February 23, 2011

daily gifts...the 33-63 addition

And I've become a slacker blogger already...can't believe almost a whole week has gone by again!  Here are some more of the daily gifts I've been writing down:

33. another stick of butter hiding in the fridge at work
35. mint oreos during (ahem) that time of month
36. long phone chat with friend
37. homemade pizza
39. unexpected gift in mail (!!!)
40. crispy, stringy grilled cheese
41. burning candles while I read the Psalms
42. chocolate drizzled glazers donut (!!)
45. an evening home alone to work
48. q-tips :)
51. grace during hard, overwhelming times
52. worshiping God this morning
53. figuring out that I figured wrong and had $100 more than I thought (for once I was glad I'm bad at math! ha)
54. the movie, "Like Dandelion Dust"
55. God's grace (could write this one down daily!)
56. lil sis giving me foot massage (I heart her times a million!)
57. four alarms on my phone :P
58. a clean car
59. spring-like temps!!
60. lively Bible study discussion about  being in the world but not of it :)
61. delicious strawberries with sugar
62. clean, folded laundry
63. completed college assignments

Yes, if you happened to notice, I do love food--everything about it, in fact (except the weight on the hips).  I'm sure I will write lots more about food in the future!

And speaking of food, it's 5:00 o'clock....happy dinner everyone!!

P.S. I crossed the one hundred mark in my daily gift journey...woot! :)  And it's an earth-shattering one...yup, I tell ya, it's huge and super spiritual.

P.S.S.  I'm often sarcastic.

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