Thursday, February 17, 2011


The world of Wisconsin is covered in a thick fog this morning. It's beautiful actually...but a nightmare to drive through.  I prayed a lot on the way to work. :)  After I made it here safely, I got to thinking...and realized that my life is like a big fog right now.  I can see just far enough ahead to not "go off the road" (and I'm thankful for that!) but any distance farther is foggy and unclear.  But it's where God wants me to be and a place where I'm learning more what it means to live by faith daily (sometimes hourly!).  It is rather scary...just like the drive this morning. :)  When in a fog, it feels safest and is easiest to just stay in one spot instead of "driving" on into the unknown fogginess.  But I know that I won't get anywhere in life by standing still complacently.  I will keep driving on...trusting Him each "mile" of the way...He's so incredibly faithful.  And ya know, even with all the uncertainties, unknowns, and trials, life is still beautiful...just like the fog this morning!

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