Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a few of the 61 things... :)

After reading so many bloggers' lists of "one thousand gifts", I'm so excited to share some of mine publicly...I know how fun and encouraging it is to read about the gifts God is giving to other sisters in Christ.  Here is a handful (or two!) from my list so far....

1.  hardworking dad & bros that keep our wood supply full
3. fireplace
5. the mercy maternity house (www.themercyhousekenya.com)
7. fantastically fun time playing games with friends
8. hair mousse :)
10. making donuts with siblings on a lazy saturday
11. green & yellow sprinkles :)
13. big bro being home for weekend
14. warm shower
16. small group discussion w/pastor & others after worship service
17. packers winning super bowl :)
20. skype chat w/friend
21. toast on a crummy day
24. getting in bed by 10pm :)
25. 1 Corinthians 5:9-11
27. sweet letter in the mailbox from a sweet friend
28. the book "one thousand gifts" arriving in the mailbox
30. cuddlduds when it's -23 windchill
32. prayers & comments from facebook friends

to be continued.... :) God is good!!

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