Monday, February 20, 2012

Life: Random Bullet Point Style

  • Hospital Randomness:
    • We don't appreciate real clothes nearly enough (I have lived in hospital gowns and/or sweatpants for seventeen days straight)
    • If after four IV pokes (and twists and turns) and three nurses the new IV still isn't in, they will just let you keep the same IV you've had in for four days (and you will have lots of painful bruises)
    • Pacing back and forth the length of one's IV line makes one feel very much like a chained dog
    • You have not experienced being rudely awakened until you are woken up at 5:30 every morning to have more blood drawn
    • After having a couple dozen x-rays and a CT scan within six days, you will begin to feel like a walking electrical box radiating rays of power
    • On that same note, it's a bad thing when the x-ray people know you by name and you can pick up conversations where you left off
    • (Final random hospital note: I found this dog wearing this hospital gown after I listed the random facts about hospital gowns and feeling like a dog. I was a bit excited when I came across it.)
  • Health Update Randomness:
    • The barium is out of my intestinal tract (woot!) but somehow ended up in my appendix (waiting to hear from a radiologist about that)
    • I had tons more blood drawn on Thursday to test for things like lupus, lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid issues, etc.   So far the only thing I've heard back on is lyme disease and it's negative, praise God.
    • The doctor lowered my daily Prednisone dosage, which is helping me be able to sleep  at least a little more at night (yay!)
    • I have not taken a pain pill for three or four days!
    • There is an appointment scheduled with a specialist in Madison on March 5
    • After missing two weeks of work, it looks like I'll be able to go back tomorrow (or later this morning...sleep is still an issue so here I sit).  Very thankful and a little nervous to see how my body handles trying to go back to "normal life".
  • Friend Randomness:
    • I have the best friends in the world: end of story. Here are a few examples...
      • Erica is great at being my twin cousin across the pond, constantly reminding me to trust God and nurture my relationship with Him, and giving me a kick in the backside (and for laughing at with me)
      • Lydia is great for bringing movies, yummy food, laughs, great discussion, hugs, and creativity
      • Emmy is great for always being there on the phone, prayer in the middle of the night,   understanding exactly what I mean, and continuing to love me through all the ups and downs of over ten years of friendship
      • Melinda is great for always being my triple sister, having a listening ear, helping me with friend & relationship issues, and reminding me to keep my head on straight
      • Meagen is great for fun texts, laughs on the phone, and the constant assurance of Texan love and prayer from both her and her amazing mom
      • All the texts, comments, messages, phone calls, notes, and emails from Megan, Emily, Jeanine, Nathan, Amy, Jasmin, Dusty, Morgan, Spencer, Sarah, Tammy, Jordan, Abbie, Chad, Stephanie, Caleb, Karen, John, Tara, Tyra, Katee, Leah, Erin, Ash, Micah, Ashley, innumerable church friends from both FRC and Grace & Truth, relatives, and too many other Facebook friends to list
      • The prayers from SO many friends of many I haven't met and can't wait until we're all celebrating together in heaven!
    • The family has had to cook VERY few dinners for three weeks now...the meals being brought have blessed us more than we could ever express.  The Church is an incredible thing!
    • My desk is so covered in cards I can't see the top of it anymore.
    • Dad, Mom, Hannah, Caleb, Ruth, Josiah, & support team a woman could ever ask for!!  And the best nurses in the world!
  • Jesus Randomness
    • All the walking to get the Barium moving turned into long prayer walks with Him.  This is something I plan to continue even though Barium walks are no longer necessary...they have become such precious times of praying for those I love.
    • The book of Romans is beyond's about FAITH, not works of the Law.  This is something He 's been trying to teach me for years and the past couple weeks is pounding it into me through and through.  It's been the most freeing thing in the world!  (I could write several (long) blog posts on this subject!)
    • His plans are incredibly different from mine: incredibly.  I don't always like them...they often hurt a lot...but I know they're perfect and so much better than mine. He sees the big beautiful canvas...I see the earth-side mess in my humanness.  
    • He's good at stripping everything away and leaving me with only HIM.  He knows that's exactly where I need to be.  It's been an incredible growing process...
    • His love is overwhelming.
    • His Word is alive!
    • His mercies are new every morning.
    • His faithfulness is great.
    • He has the best shoulder for crying on.
    • There is no place I'd rather be than in His arms and care and plan.

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  1. I love you! I'm so happy to see where God is bringing you!